Video continues to grow in importance for businesses hoping to deliver a compelling message to customers, clients, and even their own employees. Companies are able to publicize their brand and product information using rich-media content seamlessly delivered over the cloud. Internal videos help forge the corporate culture able to improve employee morale while attracting top candidates.

If producing Hollywood-level video content seems daunting to your organization, thankfully those worries are unfounded. State of the art innovations in enterprise video creation and deployment put producing and delivering high-quality within the reach of most businesses. Let’s take a closer look at Video as a Service (VaaS) and see how it helps your organization succeed like never before. 

So What is Video As a Service?

VaaS is a cloud-based platform that fosters the creation and delivery of video content to both an internal and external audience. Media produced by VaaS is easily streamed to mobile devices or the desktop. Viewers enjoy captivating content, while the organization weans business actionable information using advanced metadata processing, including demographics, video interactions, and more.

It’s a simple and secure way to produce and deliver branded video content benefiting the enterprise in a myriad of ways. Best of all, your company accomplishes this without having to employ video producers and AV experts. Instead, you are able to focus on making video an important competitive differentiator for your organization.

The Benefits of VaaS to the Business

The benefits of adapting Video as a Service at a business are numerous. They include:

  •     Consistent messaging and branding to both customers and employees.
  •     Reduced carbon footprint for company meetings and employee training initiatives by using video instead of travel.
  •     Improved employee connectivity boosts corporate culture and employee morale.
  •     Significant cost savings compared to building an on-premises video production facility and cloud delivery infrastructure.

In short, VaaS offers organizations a state of the art solution for video production and delivery. A secure platform prevents hackers or nefarious online agents from accessing and stealing corporate video assets. Seamless scalability ensures superior video performance even when a video goes viral. This is the case no matter the viewer’s location or device.

Business Use Cases for Video as a Service

Analyzing a few relevant use cases for VaaS helps you understand how this innovative platform benefits your own business.

Corporate Communications and Training:

VaaS helps companies easily communicate with their own employees using video. Training videos combined with usage metrics helps your organization craft more effective learning programs. Conducting company meetings over video builds camaraderie without wasting valuable dollars on travel.

Customer Video Engagement:

Your marketing team gets an extra boost when using VaaS as part of their next advertising initiative. The valuable analytics helps marketers track the efficacy of each video, helping to inform future productions. A VaaS platform integrates with CRM solutions like Salesforce or Eloqua, improving the targeting of future campaigns.

Compliance and Legal Initiatives:

Industry-leading VaaS platforms include specific functionality, like automated transcription, encryption, and whitelisting, suitable for compliance and legal business functions. Secure video content is easily tracked to control content viewership and delivery. A customized user experience aligns with corporate branding and policies.

These myriad use cases provide a meaningful boost to a company’s ROI. Obviously, companies save significant dollars on travel by leveraging VaaS for company meetings and training. An improved marketing process provided by VaaS increases the effectiveness of ad campaigns, leading to increased sales. Also remember that customers increasingly want messaging delivered by video, and tend to react more favorably as a result.

A State of the Art Video Production and Deployment Platform

An industry leader in enterprise video production, Sherpa offers companies a state of the art Video as a Service platform. The Sherpa VaaS features an easy to use interface which lets employees become video production experts with little to no experience. Deploying content only takes a click of a button.

The platform boasts dynamic scalability for both live and on-demand content, which is especially relevant for large enterprises with employees located all across the world. Support for the latest in video technology, like VR, 360 video, and 4K resolution, means your company’s investment in VaaS remains future proof. Our platform also easily integrates with your company’s existing technical infrastructure, with a deployment time significantly faster than our competitors. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Sherpa Video as a Service platform, check out our webinar where we cover how VaaS transforms many aspects of any company’s operations. You learn how VaaS helps you easily produce and deploy corporate-branded videos with a few clicks. We also discuss Sherpa’s state of the art analytics engine, its security features, and more. 

Companies ranging from Disney to Fitbit already rely on Sherpa VaaS for their enterprise video content. Isn’t it time for your organization to explore the full promise of Video as a Service?