Today’s businesses are increasingly turning to video for both their internal communication and external marketing strategies. The main reason for this shift is simple – enterprise video communication provides a more compelling experience to the viewer; allowing the underlying message to truly make an impact.

A recent research study from Hubspot Content reveals the growing importance of video as part of any communication strategy. According to the survey, 53 percent of users want to see more videos from brands and businesses. Additionally, 62 percent of the surveyed regularly consume video – more than any other content type. In short, enterprises need to provide what their customers and employees want: video.

Let’s look more closely at the myriad of advantages companies gain when using enterprise video communication. If your company isn’t embracing video soon, it simply risks being left behind by the competition.

The Benefits of an Industry Best Enterprise Video Communications Solution 

A robust enterprise video communications (EVC) platform provides significant benefits to the enterprise. They are able to deliver live and on-demand video for a wide array of purposes: marketing campaigns, employee training videos, virtual company meetings, and more. Whatever the message behind the video, rest assured it gets received more clearly by your audience when delivered by video compared to other forms of media.

The top EVC solutions in the industry also provide superior real-time metrics allowing them to easily track the efficacy of their marketing campaign or training video. Your employees are able to take a deep analytical dive into this viewing data. They see what actions the viewer took and what portions of the video content garnered the most attention.

Other impactful features from your EVC provider need to include seamless scalability ensuring the viewer enjoys a video experience free from buffering and pixelization. It’s a great approach for building the right company culture within your organization.

When deciding on an enterprise video communications platform, choose one that embraces the cloud. The top platforms in the industry support a cloud-based “as a service” architecture, ensuring superior performance when publishing videos, downloading viewing data, and most importantly when the user views content. In the end, a top EVC solution helps your company easily gain a significant return on its investment in video communications.

Sherpa’s State of the Art Video as a Service Platform 

Companies searching for a best-of-breed enterprise video communications platform need not look further than Sherpa’s Video as a Service (VaaS) offering. The Sherpa VaaS is used by some of the top organizations in the world for its full range of EVC needs. The platform easily handles marketing campaigns, training videos, internal and external corporate communications, and more.

Sherpa’s cloud-based system provides seamless scalability that ensures superior performance, especially after a video goes viral. Viewers all across the globe enjoy compelling video content on their device of choice: mobile, desktop, or even a smart TV. It’s a great way for the large enterprise to bring its worldwide organization together as one. This same concept applies to businesses with customers and channel partners located globally. 

Using the VaaS platform, employees are able to quickly craft corporate-branded videos tailored to any specific business need. The included video creation workflows make this creative process simple and effective. After a video is published, real-time cloud viewing data helps the team track viewer statistics and behavior. These metrics let companies tailor future videos to better meet the needs of their customers, partners, or employees.

VaaS also supports a company’s brand consistency, as the organization is able to easily modify the look and feel of the player with corporate branding as necessary. This is especially useful for internal communications and employee training videos. 

A Leading Edge and Secure Video Delivery Platform That’s Also Inexpensive? 

Video as a Service from Sherpa provides state-of-the-art security features ensuring your company’s video content remains safe from unauthorized access or hackers. As a cloud-based system, VaaS easily integrates with any company’s existing technical infrastructure. Remember, some of the top companies in the business world rely on Sherpa to provide their EVC platform.

Using the VaaS platform, your company’s network administrators are able to quickly allocate bandwidth and storage in the cloud as necessary. This lets them optimize performance and scale bandwidth to meet high viewership needs. In the end, most organizations actually lower their video infrastructure costs. 

If you need to learn more about the Sherpa VaaS platform, reach out to us to schedule a meeting and possibly a demo to see the system in action. It’s the best way to provide superior enterprise video communications your customers and employees want. Sherpa VaaS lets you meet any and all of your enterprise video needs. Let Sherpa show the way.