A big-budget Hollywood blockbuster shares many similarities with a business marketing video project. Sure, there likely aren’t A-list movie stars involved, as well as their demands for a well-appointed dressing room and a buffet catered by a celebrity chef. Nonetheless, a compelling production that clearly captivates the audience is generally the goal of both.

So even with a smaller budget, your company wants to provide viewers with a similar high-quality experience as a Hollywood movie. Thankfully, a recent technology innovation, Video as a Service (VaaS) puts that production flair well within reach of today’s business. Let’s take a closer look at how VaaS brings Hollywood to the enterprise.

Enterprises Don’t Have the Time and Expertise to Produce a Video Blockbuster

When you look at a typical Hollywood blockbuster, these productions generally employ top-notch talent, including directors of photography, soundtrack composers, writers, and actors. In addition, most movies take at least a few years to complete.

An enterprise hoping to craft a compelling marketing video in a short timeframe faces similar demands with far fewer resources. They are also usually creating hundreds of videos a year instead of once every few years. In this scenario, choosing the right tools that can streamline and simplify the process makes the most sense for producing high-quality marketing video content.

VaaS Makes Adding Hollywood Flair an Easy Process

Using a VaaS provider gives organizations a variety of high-end video production values, including superior picture quality, music, sound, and built-in support for streaming. Marketers are able to focus on crafting the perfect message for their product or service. The video production aspects are easily handled using the VaaS system’s simple and powerful UI dashboard.

This simplicity inherent in the VaaS system also makes it easy for companies to train employees on the tool. Expanding organizations that need seamless scalability are able to bring new hires quickly up to speed, even those with no video production experience. This is a boon for businesses with a presence at multiple marketing events and industry expos throughout the year. Their video production needs aren’t a bottleneck for the rest of their marketing operations.

Simply put, a typical customer using VaaS is able to produce compelling video content five to ten times faster than without. Remember, this includes employees with no previous video production experience. Hollywood-level video production quality finds a home at the enterprise.

These marketing videos with their crisp, clear video and sound capture the attention of viewers. They become more receptive to the company’s message, greatly raising the chances of them becoming loyal customers.

Ultimately, high-quality video remains an important competitive differentiator in the modern business world. Using an industry-leading VaaS tool reduces the complexity and the workload in bringing Hollywood to the enterprise. It lets enterprises truly get a return on their investment in video production.

VaaS Helps Marketers Craft a Compelling Marketing Message

We previously mentioned how VaaS improves the efficiency of the video production process. This gives marketers more time to focus on crafting the right marketing message for their product. The best VaaS products also help ensure this message is able to target what customers (both current and potential) need.

The system tells the marketer what interests these customers, which helps them formulate a message able to gain their attention and subsequent business. When combined with high-quality production values, viewers stay engaged throughout the entire video. This makes them more receptive to the underlying marketing angle embedded within the production.

Ultimately, a VaaS tool supports the marketing process while making it more efficient. By greatly reducing workload, employees are able to use a simple one-click process to produce a compelling video. Hollywood finds a welcome home in the enterprise!

Experts in Video as a Service

Sherpa’s state of the art Video as a Service platform continues to transform how businesses use video for marketing, training, and more. Our clients include some of the top organizations in the world, including a few giants of Hollywood. That’s right; some of the largest studios in the movie industry turn to us to supercharge their process for video creation.

We provide an industry-leading video creation platform that lets a single employee produce the same output that previously required nearly 10 workers. Additionally, our system supports the embedding of useful metadata, helping your company track the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, the engagement of your video content, and other useful information. In short, it’s actionable data to help your company succeed in a competitive market.

As newer innovations, like augmented reality and virtual reality, impact business video production, Sherpa continues to lead the way. Our VaaS is truly the best way to manage any company’s enterprise video portfolio. We already partner with some of the leading companies in Hollywood and beyond. Is your company next?