As an IT professional, you know how dangerous the online world can be for your business. In 2019, cybercrimes accounted for $2 trillion in losses, according to Juniper Research. It’s important to get your video security in check.

The reality is that every business—large and small—is vulnerable to online attacks, which is why cybersecurity is so essential. If your IT team doesn’t spend the necessary time and money to stop internet security threats, your business could be jeopardized. And your risk increases significantly depending on the cloud platforms you use. If they’re not protected, neither are you.

The good news is that Sherpa has made cloud security a priority. Our Video as a Service platform is dedicated to ensuring our users are always protected, so you can enjoy successful video content.

Advanced Video Security

Sherpa is a leading video management and streaming solution serving some of the largest and most technically advanced companies in the world, and that comes with a lot of expectations from our customers. To meet those expectations, the next iteration of our Sherpa Stream platform includes many advanced video security capabilities. The goal is to help our system administrators and end-users manage access to and protect their content.

As Mark Strathdee, our CTO said in a press release, “Concern over corporate asset security continues to rise on an almost daily basis, shaping all that we do. We know that having control over who accesses a customer’s sensitive content is of paramount importance, so we’ve released significant advanced stream security measures to keep valued video assets from falling into the wrong hands.”

Personalized Video Watermarking

One of the most common and frustrating problems with online content is theft. For example, according to the Pixsy State of Image Theft survey, 64% of professional photographers have had work stolen over 200x. To help combat that problem, Sherpa has introduced personalized video watermarking.

It works by superimposing visible and non-visible watermarks on every video. These watermarks are customized to each viewer based on identifiable information. What this means is that if your video is leaked, stolen, or otherwise misused, you can trace the issue back to the perpetrator using the watermark.

Sherpa’s watermarking feature is a patent-pending capability that allows your IT team to track stolen video content back to the point of origin. From there, your business can decide what disciplinary action needs to be taken.

Threat Prevention

Every 14 seconds, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack, according to the 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report (ACR). And while you can’t protect your business from every threat, you can put a number of important safeguards in place to keep hackers out.

To help with your efforts, Sherpa offers a new threat-prevention system that automatically prevents unauthorized “bad actors.” The goal is to keep your sensitive video content in your hands and away from those who could cause you harm. The Sherpa VaaS Platform tenants can turn on second-level threat detection to identify IP addresses and device IDs which have been flagged for nefarious activity. If someone tries to watch video from a flagged device or location, the user will have to reply to deeper scrutiny to authenticate their identity.

Security Integration

Sherpa is also proud to integrate with established authentication protocols, so you can control exactly who views your video content. Sherpa’s out-of-the-box integration framework enables the Sherpa Platform to interoperate securely with other business systems and applications. It not only helps you leverage your video content as needed but also helps you consolidate everything into one application stack that can be protected.

Our extensive integration capabilities enable your IT team to handle business security as you see fit. Meaning you can deploy it fully on-premises in your secure system, entirely in the cloud, or be implemented with a hybrid approach. No matter what flexible deployment you choose, you can rest easy knowing that we support all security protocols, including SAML, LDAP, and ADFS.

Security is Sherpa’s Priority

With Sherpa, your internal content is always protected. We use the same rigor and sensitivity to protect your videos as we would any other confidential information. You don’t have to worry about the wrong people gaining access to your video content. We help you keep your assets secure, and if the worst should happen, help you find the bad actors.

Learn more about how Sherpa can help protect your digital media content today.