Enterprise video continues to emerge as a competitive differentiator between businesses, no matter their industry sector. Fresh innovations, like augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile-first and Video as a Service (VaaS) enable organizations to leverage video to better engage customers as well as its own employees. Enhanced corporate training, compelling marketing content, and even a platform for intra-team communication are just some of the possibilities for enterprise video.

A recent survey of business users reveals the strong growth of video in the workplace. According to the 2018 survey’s findings, nearly 70 percent of the respondents watched live streaming video at their desks – a 10 percent increase from 2017. Additionally, more than 40 percent watched more online video at work than the previous year.

In short, if your company’s not already taking advantage of the promise of enterprise video, your competitors likely are. So let’s see how the business landscape is currently being transformed by enterprise video.

Enterprise Video Offers Many Benefits to Businesses 

The same survey mentioned above also highlighted respondents’ opinions on the advantages enterprise video provides their organizations. These include: 

  • Live streaming video making it more cost-effective to provide training to employees. 
  • Enabling the business to provide compelling video content to audiences outside of the office.
  • Nearly all surveyed executives feel video is effective for communicating work-related information to employees.

Considering these significant benefits, the growth of enterprise video throughout the business world makes sense. Both employees and the C-Suite understand the advantages of video communication to improve engagement and training. The marketing team is also intrigued by using video to attract new customers while retaining those currently in the fold.

Immersive video experiences made possible by the latest technologies, like AR, VR, cognitive collaboration and mobile-first video, attracts customers and engages them. Enhancing video content with on-screen data and PowerPoint slides also adds to their usefulness. Additionally, VaaS makes it easier for businesses to manage and scale their corporate video assets with more extensible video tools, microsites, and white-labeling capabilities.

Here’s a deeper dive into these latest innovations transforming enterprise video.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Enhance Video With Valuable Data 

Virtual reality allows viewers to enter a captivating three-dimensional video world rendered within a headset worn by the user. While many applications for VR lurk in the entertainment and video game industries, the rest of the business world also sees benefits, especially with hands-on training scenarios, like in healthcare or transportation. 

Meanwhile, augmented reality offers many use-cases to the business world by blending videos with contextual information automatically displayed as overlays.

Factory workers wearing headsets navigate the shop floor to find a piece of equipment to repair. In addition to quickly finding the item, they are also able to view the schematics of the device, helping them repair it more quickly. Additionally, customers of construction and manufacturing firms get opportunities to virtually explore a new building, airplane prototypes, and more.

There are also obvious benefits when using AR in training videos. Class material gets displayed in context as the teacher covers that subject. Students merely click on a link to drill down into more details on the topic. It better engages the student by enhancing the contents of the video.

As more applications get blended into the video experience and business users are consuming video on the go, mobile-first video is also becoming a major benefit.

AI Bringing More Intelligence to Video Assets

Artificial intelligence is becoming much more involved in the enterprise video space and unlocks a number of different functions and automation. The next generation of AI will go far beyond simply being able to capture a transcript of a video.

Emerging AI technology is becoming an asset in the editing and content creation process that will allow enterprise video producers to create more content and more intelligently target the content they create. AI will be able to suggest video topics based on previous video performance, viewing times, and other video analytics.

Next-generation video will also serve as an editor that can search for videos and stitch together sound bites and highlight reels. With the ability to take multiple individual videos and pull out relevant content to create a brand new video asset, AI will help produce more enterprise video content at scale.

Extensibility of Enterprise Video

While most VaaS solutions and enterprise video professionals talk about the customization of video content, the real demand is for extensibility. While customization may require development resources and added time, VaaS platforms are now offering more extensible features that make it easy to rapidly tailor enterprise video assets to the business need.

Open APIs, microsites, and the ability to white-label video content are some of the top areas where enterprise video demands tools that are easy to use and don’t require developers. The ability to fully white-label a video or build out a microsite inside the VaaS natively will be a major priority for next-generation enterprise video.

Using VaaS to Manage an Enterprise Video Portfolio 

Companies with a large investment in video content benefit from using VaaS to wrangle their enterprise video portfolio. VaaS provides a scalable platform to easily deliver video to customers and employees across the world. Businesses now conduct employee training over video with significant costs savings in reduced travel as a result.

VaaS also provides the analytical capability to track the efficacy of training content, marketing videos, and more. It truly allows businesses to get the most out of their investment in next-generation enterprise video.

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