As an IT professional, you’re used to managing complex projects originating from any part of the organization – marketing, sales, finance, and operations. Every day, you’re expected to understand and meet the demands of diverse business units, from HR to communications and marketing. But unlike other departments, you’re concerned about one thing and one thing only: ensuring that the entire technology stack for your company runs smoothly.

You look for enterprise solutions that deliver capabilities in demand by the business units but, at the same time, don’t slow down the network, overly tax the technical infrastructure, and are simple to administer. It’s what makes you such an effective project manager in a complex and ever-evolving technical environment And it’s why, when it comes to your Video as a Service (VaaS) platform needs, we don’t have to hold your hand.

You already have a solid understanding of what you want: a highly functional and secure video platform that’s proven to deliver and co-exist within your current network. Unfortunately, finding this Holy Grail solution can be elusive. 

Top Six IT Concerns for VaaS Implementation

If you’re concerned about the impact that live and on-demand video will have on the network, you’re not alone. It’s one of the greatest fears we hear from every IT professional we talk to. After all, if the network fails at your company, you’ll inevitably be blamed.

So, how do you ensure you choose the right VaaS platform for your company? To help you out, we’re breaking down the top six IT concerns that should be addressed by a VaaS platform and how Sherpa overcomes all of them.

1. Bandwidth Utilization

As more and more technology goes virtual, networks are becoming strained and bandwidth issues are on the rise. The truth is that the Cloud isn’t exactly limitless and poorly chosen applications can severely slow application performance and delivery speed. That’s especially the case when it comes to video. 

So, before you choose a VaaS for your enterprise, you might wonder how much bandwidth the platform requires and if and will it negatively impact the corporate network? 

With Sherpa, bandwidth isn’t a problem thanks to our flexible and modern VaaS architecture. We align with your IT environment and can be precisely tailored to your business needs. Sherpa can be deployed in the Cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment (plus eCDN and Media Edge support), whichever your network can handle.  

2. Restricted Access

Security is always a top priority when it comes to any software/SaaS solution, which is why IT teams always ask about access restrictions and management. Does the VaaS allow the company to manage video creation and viewership access? At Sherpa, the answer is yes.

Sherpa protects your proprietary content to prevent unauthorized access using registration protocols and passcodes. We also integrate with your environment’s current authentication protocol—SAML/LDAP/ADSFS—to control exactly who is allowed to view your content.

And if the worst should happen and someone leaks your video content, you can track the perpetrator. Our personalized GUID watermarking allows you to discover exactly who was responsible for the leak, telling you their name and location.

3. Encryption

For the IT world, encryption is essential. As new laws are continually released, your company has to stay up to date on the latest regulations within the security landscape. And that isn’t easy.

Sherpa starts by providing encryption where data is most vulnerable: in transit. All of our API’s are secured by SSL and data are encrypted while they move from origin to the viewer community — keeping prying eyes from bypassing front-end security. We also stay up-to-date with the latest government regulatory requirements when it comes to encryption and security. All Sherpa accounts have the option of turning on at-rest encryption, so that data is encrypted on the server. If GDPR compliance is a concern, we commission regional servers to maintain those standards too! 

4. Configuration

When it comes to a VaaS platform, you want to be in complete control of the features and workflows that are offered. You need to be able to manage interactions, content, analytics, and more.

With Sherpa, you’re provided with high-performing out-of-the-box dashboards that you can adjust to fit your organization. The configuration options include:

  • The ability to aggregate and consolidate assets from disparate repositories.
  • The option to dynamically filter and moderate the content.
  • Unlimited customizability that can be embedded anywhere with configurable players in either HTML/CSS/Javascript

Sherpa also allows you to integrate with your current business intranet via extensive APIs. This enables a seamless connection to your company’s existing software, including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, HR and employee training, SharePoint, and more. 

5. Administration

As the main administrator for your company’s network, it’s essential that you’re able to execute administrative duties quickly and easily. You should have full control of the VaaS platform, allowing moderation of access, usage and content delivery.

With Sherpa, you’ll have centralized control of the VaaS platform and all related assets. You can decide who gains access to your content and track viewership down to the individual level. This allows you to moderate Sherpa as you see fit and to incorporate required security protocols. And because Sherpa interconnects siloed content, you can ensure the right people get access to the right content.

6. System Upgrades

When it comes to upgrades, every IT professional knows how things can go wrong when new updates are not implemented in an organized and controlled fashion.. One day your VaaS can be working perfectly, and then an upgrade can throw everything out of whack.

Sherpa’s VaaS platform is dynamic and intelligent when it comes to system upgrades. Not only is it completely scalable across your organization, we offer consultations for any platform upgrades or configurations that you’d like to implement. In addition, we offer a testing environment so you can pre-approve your upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Sherpa is a modern VaaS platform that’s made for IT professionals. We give administrators complete control over the delivery of their assets, allowing full moderation. In addition, our security protocols and flexible architecture means that we can be built to fit your needs, not the other way around. 

Sherpa’s enterprise video distribution and management platform meets every one of your IT concerns, so you can feel confident in the integrity of the system and its position within your IT environment.