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Sherpa 3rd Party Integrations

Syndicating your video content has never been easier. Host your assets in Sherpa's platform and distribute them to your audience across social media channels and content hosting websites for a broader reach.

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Sherpa Stream’s API-based architecture allows it to integrate with any systems
or protocols currently in place. The possibilities for how to connect Sherpa Stream
to existing applications can yield significant productivity improvements above and
beyond the world of video.

Vimeo & YouTube

Sherpa’s platform allows you to take a video from YouTube or Vimeo, strip away the ads and player UI, and seamlessly stream the video within the Sherpa player.

Social Media

With Sherpa’s platform, you can easily syndicate content across various pages and platforms while still maintaining control over the content and who has access to it.


Don Kianian

Don Kianian is a creative marketer with a passion for building great content. A multi-instrumentalist, certified sound designer, photographer, videographer, and the occasional woodworker, Don's goal with any piece of content is to tell a compelling story in a captivating way.

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