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Sherpa for Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies rely on high quality content that can be reliably delivered at scale to their various channel partners and advertisers - see how Sherpa meets these needs.

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Sherpa has a rich background in production, so our VaaS platform was built to reflect that heritage and deliver high-fidelity content reliably to any audience. Sherpa empowers media and entertainment organizations to deliver high quality content everywhere, with intelligent metadata workflows, engaging interactives, and dashboards that track asset and channel performance.

Who is it for?

Organizations with a desire to leverage enterprise video content at Hollywood-level quality and need a platform that accommodates those needs without compromising content security. The content used by these organizations helps drive widespread adoption and sale of its revenue-generating content, making it critical to business success. These organizations could use Sherpa for:

  • Reliably streaming high quality video content to large audiences of potential partners or advertisers
  • Protecting intellectual property with personally identifiable watermarks and intelligent security and compliance measures
  • Deep analytics that reveal insights about content consumption, reception, and performance
  • Dynamic, automated reviewer and approver workflows to prevent unauthorized content from being shared

Download the brief to learn more about how Sherpa delivers high-production value content as a scalable solution. Let Sherpa Show the Way.


Don Kianian

Don Kianian is a creative marketer with a passion for building great content. A multi-instrumentalist, certified sound designer, photographer, videographer, and the occasional woodworker, Don's goal with any piece of content is to tell a compelling story in a captivating way.

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