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Sherpa: Solutions for Compliance

Learn how compliance professionals can streamline content review and moderation workflows to prevent unauthorized distribution quickly and effectively.

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Sherpa’s enterprise video platform enables administrators to control the delivery of video assets and track viewership down to an individual level, allowing for a deeper level of moderation. A modern platform ties in corporate security protocols and interconnects siloed content repositories so organizations can ensure the right people get access to the right content for them.

Who is it for?

Individuals in charge of distributing relevant video content to specific audiences based on the speaker, asset publicity level, or subject matter, along with tracking and enforcing compliance with that content. Through the use of Sherpa’s enterprise video distribution and management platform, compliance professionals will be able to:

  • Aggregate and consolidate assets from disparate repositories to create a central content consumption experience and minimize wasted time
  • Dynamically filter and moderate content so relevant content is always in front of the right people without cumbersome manual asset tagging
  • Reveal insights about content consumption, reception, and engagement as they pertain to employee performance and business growth
  • Protect intellectual property with personally identifiable watermarks and intelligent security and compliance measures

Don Kianian

Don Kianian is a creative marketer with a passion for building great content. A multi-instrumentalist, certified sound designer, photographer, videographer, and the occasional woodworker, Don's goal with any piece of content is to tell a compelling story in a captivating way.

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