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Sherpa: Solutions for Corporate Communications

Sherpa's platform lets corporate communications professionals create and distribute impactful, relevant messages at scale while still having complete control of the content,

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Sherpa’s enterprise streaming and video content management platform brings many benefits to communications professionals and departments. Intuitive workflows allow easier content moderation, scalability features quicken the time it takes to share the content, and analytics dashboards give administrators valuable insights into how their content is driving growth.

Corporate communicators should leverage a modern platform like Sherpa’s for:

  • Scalable mass communications that captivate and engage viewers and drive deeper knowledge retention
  • Fully customizable microsites with dynamic content moderation based on the audience (e.g. sales representative, product marketer, partners, etc.)
  • Robust APIs to integrate business systems with each other and consolidate resources from disparate, siloed repositories
  • Analytics that associate asset consumption metrics with channel performance and business growth

Download the brief to find out more about how Sherpa’s VaaS can bring more value to your corporate communications. Let Sherpa Show the Way.


Don Kianian

Don Kianian is a creative marketer with a passion for building great content. A multi-instrumentalist, certified sound designer, photographer, videographer, and the occasional woodworker, Don's goal with any piece of content is to tell a compelling story in a captivating way.

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