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Sherpa: Solutions for Training

Learn how the Sherpa Platform can be the backbone for your e-learning initiatives and centrally manage your content-driven training programs.

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Sherpa’s enterprise video platform enables training professionals to develop scalable e-learning programs powered by the most effective medium. Training professionals need advanced compliance and content moderation capabilities to scale these programs, interactive overlays to incentivize participation and engagement, and deep analytics to determine the value of the programs.


Who’s it for?

All organizations that train and educate their workforce through a content-driven, programmatic approach should look to Sherpa for a highly configurable and extensible video distribution and content management platform. With an enterprise platform like Sherpa’s, corporate training professionals will be able to:

  • Reliably stream high-fidelity video content to large audiences or small audiences alike, without compromising content security or quality
  • Dynamically filter and moderate content to constantly put relevant videos in front of the right people with little to no manual effort
  • Reveal insights about content consumption, reception, and engagement as they pertain to employee performance and business growth
  • Protect intellectual property with personally identifiable watermarks and intelligent security and compliance measures

Download the brief to learn more about how Sherpa’s VaaS helps you create more effective, measurable training programs. Let Sherpa Show the Way.


Don Kianian

Don Kianian is a creative marketer with a passion for building great content. A multi-instrumentalist, certified sound designer, photographer, videographer, and the occasional woodworker, Don's goal with any piece of content is to tell a compelling story in a captivating way.

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