Optimized, intelligent content moderation with Sherpa

Using advanced, AI-powered video search and segmentation, as well as intelligent content moderation workflows, Sherpa gives administrators complete control over what videos are admitted and who has access to those assets. Track viewership down to the individual level, and integrate with any security protocol you currently use, including SAML, LDAP, SSO, and more.

Protect your sensitive content with registration forms, passcodes, custom URLs, and personalized video watermarks. Track viewership for your entire audience using interactive Polls, Q&A, and Checkpoints. Enhance the experience with bi-directional video Breakout Rooms to create a dialog with your viewers.

Analyze your events and easily share reports to anyone including summary information or in-depth analysis. See which channels are most engaged with your content, what assets are viewed the most, and more.

And introducing Sherpa Campsite: a suite of features that allows hosts to take their virtual events to new heights. Check out the video below to learn more!