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Sherpa Solution for Channel Enablement

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Sherpa’s flexible platform lets customer engagement professionals deliver scalable and consolidated content experiences that are designed to help every customer succeed.

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Ensure your content gets in front of your audience, no matter the device, browser, or operating system

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Surface relevant content across siloed systems using Sherpa as a content aggregation layer

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Future-proof your IT stack with a platform capable of scaling to large audiences without network impact

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Customer Engagement

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I run
  • 1 or 2
  • 3 to 5
  • 5 to 10
  • more than 10
How Many?
live events per month for an audience of
  • up to 100
  • up to 250
  • up to 500
  • up to 1,000
  • up to 2,000
  • more than 2,000
How Many?
My viewers are mostly
  • mainly internal
  • mainly external
  • internal and external
What Type?
  • have
  • do not have
on demand content.
Security is
  • not
  • mildly
  • very
How Much?

but the most important thing to me and my role is
  • Embed video content everywhere to generate buzz
  • Create scalable training programs and track progress.
  • Communicate effectively without revealing sensitive info.
  • Control who views content based on roles and responsibilities.
What is most important?
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